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  • Who is Implant Patients on Demand for?

It is for dentists who are looking for the a dental marketing partner to save time and profit more by automating, delegating and eliminating inefficient tasks in their practice.

  • What hardware needed for a practice to use Implant Patients on Demand?

Nothing! No Implant Patients on Demand hardware is required to use our patient generation system. This is a fully digital service, system and software

  • Do you provide services like SEO, Google Ads, and Brand Reputation?

Yes, it depends on your current situation and vision you have for your practice long-term! Each practice is unique so our cohesive approach covers all digital marketing parts, SEO, Paid Ads, Online Listings, Social Media & Brand Reputation, to ensure your practice is a well-oiled and updated appointment booking machine.

  • Can I use this system to schedule other types of patients like cleanings & root canals?

Yes, we build offers out for veneers, cleanings, root canals, teeth whitening and more to drive maximum results for your practice. We focus on implant patients since it is high-ticket and high-intent patient cases for dentists to save time and profit more.

  • What makes this different from everyone else?

What makes us unique is our cohesive approach to digital marketing with systems & software. We commit ourselves to consistent results and more importantly, ensuring you can save time and profit more by automating, delegating and eliminating yourself from tasks. This enables you, the practice owner to focus working ON the practice, rather than IN the practice.

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